Support Scope


Our comprehensive support plan covers most aspects of your use of Magento and will give you the peace of mind that help is just a click away.



  • General usage

We'll support your use of all built-in Magento features. If you are having a problem configuring Magento or getting something to work as expected, then our experts will help you.

  • Magento extensions

We provide first-line support for all our Magento extensions. We don't, however, guarantee to resolve all issues with third-party extensions.

  • Custom code

If we have developed custom code for you, then we'll support it as part of your existing support plan.

  • Optimization and Performance Tuning

Need help getting Magento to run faster? We'll assist.

  • Training

We deliver remote training session as part of our support plan. These take place via web meeting/telephone sessions.

  • Magento install / upgrades

Need to install Magento or upgrade to the latest version? Let us manage the process safely for you.

  • Code development

You can access to our highly skilled Magento development team for all your development and customization requirements.

  • All Stores

The support plan covers any number of Magento stores. So if you have multiple Magento websites then no need to buy Magento support separately.



  • Core code bugs

If there is a bug in the core Magento code then you'll help verify that it is affecting you, but we don't guarantee that we'll fix it for you.

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