Software Maintence


"Software Maintenance" here refers to the set of activities that are performed to keep a system operational as software changes after the system has been fielded. Software maintenance begins as soon as a system has been released to users for the first time in the case of incremental, evolutionary, or spiral developments. It then encompasses modifications to subsequent releases of the system.

At the time of software maintenance, a set of system components are in place, the system has been tested and accepted for operational use, operators have been trained, and logistics support has been arranged. Data accumulates in system databases as a result of operational use. Business King support team adopts a unique global delivery model for support, which takes advantage of the time zone differential to enhance the existing system without affecting any downtime in the operation.

Business King provides following support services:

Business Services
Application strategy
Configuration management
Troubleshoot & bug fix
Implementation and User training
Technical Services
Architecture planning
Performance management
Interface management
User profile management
Project Services
Business enablement
Integration with new applications