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  1. Fast Shipment

    Fast Shipment

    Fast Shipment provides a facility to create shipments for multiple orders simultaneously. More


  2. OTP Bank Payment Module

    OTP Bank Payment Module

    This extension provides OTP Bank payment gateway integration with Magento. Verified by OTP Bank (Hungary). More


  3. Product Out of Stock Subscription

    Product Out of Stock Subscription

    This extension will allow your customers to subscribe for product stock notifications. More


  4. Export Products To XML

    Export Products To XML

    The Export Products To Xml extension allows to export Magento products' data into XML. More


  5. Quick Checkout

    Quick Checkout

    Quick Checkout extension simplify and speed up the checkout process of your Magento store. More


  6. CMS Page Meta Title

    CMS Page Meta Title

    CMS Page Meta Title is useful extension that allows setting meta title separately for the CMS pages. More


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