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  1. Zip Code Mapping

    Zip Code Mapping

    It provides the functionality to fill the city name automatically depending on the zip code at frontend. More


  2. Support Ticket System

    Support Ticket System

    This is useful extension that allow your customers to generate new tickets regarding their problems and queries. More


  3. Customer Login

    Customer Login

    This extension allows logging onto the frontend of your website as one of your customers from backend Manage Customers page. More


  4. Deltavista DVA Check

    Deltavista DVA Check

    This extension integrates the Deltavista system with magento & supports credit checks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland More


  5. Special Product Highlighter

    Special Product Highlighter

    This extension helps to highlight products in Magento. Also provide countdown timer functionality for special products. More


  6. Delete Shipment

    Delete Shipment

    Delete Shipment provides the facility to delete the shipment and undo created shipment's effects for the order. More


  7. Footer Links

    Footer Links

    The Footer Links extension helps to create SEO friendly footer in your Magento store. More


  8. Tell Us Your Price

    Tell Us Your Price

    This extension helps to make sure that your store always maintains consumer friendly rates and keep your customers with you. More


  9. TNS Payment Module

    TNS Payment Module

    This extension provides TNS payment gateway integration with Magento. More


  10. Customer Product Inquiry

    Customer Product Inquiry

    Customer Product Inquiry provides the facility to your customers to ask question and submit inquiry about the products. More


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