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  1. Quick Checkout

    Quick Checkout

    Quick Checkout extension simplify and speed up the checkout process of your Magento store. More


  2. CMS Page Meta Title

    CMS Page Meta Title

    CMS Page Meta Title is useful extension that allows setting meta title separately for the CMS pages. More


  3. Add Email To Order Grid

    Add Email To Order Grid

    This extension adds customer's email column on the Order grid/list page at backend. More


  4. Extended Warranty

    Extended Warranty

    This extension helps to add extended warranty for your Magento products. More


  5. Theme Enhancement

    Theme Enhancement

    This extension would add animated effects in the default and customized Magento themes. More


  6. Support


    Support is offered on a pre-paid basis, with a selected amount of time. More

  7. Delete Shipment

    Delete Shipment

    Delete Shipment provides the facility to delete the shipment and undo created shipment's effects for the order. More


  8. Quick Order

    Quick Order

    This extension provides the ability for customers to quickly add numerous products to their cart from a single page. More


  9. Checkout Discount Coupon Step

    Checkout Discount Coupon Step

    The Checkout Discount Coupon Step extension allows user to enter discount coupon code on the Onepage checkout page. More


  10. Raiffeisen Bank Payment Module

    Raiffeisen Bank Payment Module

    This extension provides Raiffesisen Bank payment gateway integration with Magento. More


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